Friday, September 01, 2006



That's pretty well how the main headline on Drudge Report read a few minutes ago. Except with my screen type size settings the first full line on the screen read : 'Shock: President Bush Assassinated In New...'

York? Bush Assassinated In New York????

Good Christ, oh fuck, shit enough bricks to build a house, it's on, on Christ oh God oh no, no, no, it's on, it's over, this is it, legs weak, stomach knots instantly, and then....pity.

Pity for Bush, for his wife, his kids, his friends, pity for the United States, for the world, for those who will probably get nuked in response.

Bush Assassinated In New York.

Scroll down.


Bush Assassinated In New MOVIE.

Okay, well, that's something else entirely.

Three seconds of outright shock and a hot, electric adrenalin hit like nothing I've felt since I lost my footing on the edge of an unfenced lookout high over a gorge in the Northern Territory.

Why does it seem like such a movie was so inevitable?

And is this the first time a movie has been made that actually discusses the assassination of a real, sitting president, or a national leader? Can't think of another movie that actually discusses the murder of a living, serving president.

The movie is called - D.O.A.P, 'Death Of A President'. Of course, it's a British movie, made for television, in a docudrama style, where fictitious events are presented as documentary-real.

Surprisingly, 'D.O.A.P' is being screened at the Toronot Film Festival in September, before it screens in the UK in October.

With Bush being one of the most ouright despised world leaders since Hitler, expect this movie to do roaring business and pull huge audiences.

But will it screen in Australia?

Will it screen in the US?

I'll need to check, but I'm pretty sure it's illegal right now in the US to portray an act of violence against the President of the United States, or to call for his assassination, not that this movie appears to be doing that.

Regardless, it is bound to cause much discussion and encourage foolish people to post comments saying things like "Great Idea!", which will get their computer's IP number/address databased somewhere where they definitely don't want it to be.

Here's an early review of D.O.A.P. :
"An unknown gunman assassinates George W. Bush. A couple of years later, an investigative documentary is made. It features all the people involved that fateful day: the protestors outside a Chicago hotel; the suspects in the shooting and their families; the Secret Service men who failed to protect their charge; the press; and an array of experts, desperately seeking meaning in this horrible act of violence. We learn, agonizingly, what happened to America after the death of a president.

This is easily the most dangerous and breathtakingly original film I have encountered this year.

....collaborating with some of the finest special effects wizards in the world, (the director) inserts his characters seamlessly into existing footage. His narrative is also airtight. Cautionary tales are too often flights of fancy; as they push the envelope of credibility, the lessons gleaned from dark speculation become somehow tarnished. Not here. Every moment is completely believable, every comment is somehow appropriate, to the point of chilling, horrifying certainty.

Xenophobia, the hidden costs of war and the nature of civil liberties in a hyper-media age all come under the microscope. The film is never a personal attack on Bush; Range simply seeks to explore the potential consequences that might follow from the President's policies and actions.