Monday, January 01, 2007


Raw Story has summarised a New York Times editorial by Nicolas Kristof on how President Bush can save the legacy of his presidency from the sewer pit of history.

Here's a summary of the summary :

1) Tell Dick Cheney to look sick in public so he can bow out due to ill health. Americans rejoice!

2) Start talking to Iran and Syria now.

3) Get rid of ALL permanent bases in Iraq.

4) Do something serious about confronting the genocide in Darfur

5) Take everything brilliant and wonderful about the five year AIDS program and extend it.

6) Address the threats of climate change in ways that will make a difference for future generations.

7) Dump any and all plans to launch military strikes against Iran, and tell Israel to shut the fuck up about hitting Iran's alleged nukes with America's confirmed nukes.

8) Take a fast, hard look at the appalling state of America's health care and "address our disgraceful inequities".

9) Don't give up on Social Security. Instead "revive the reform proposals that President Clinton urged in 1999".

10) Stop blaming the media for the fact that most Americans think you're a hopeless disgrace - "grit your teeth, retool and steal ideas from your critics and rivals".

It's a lot to do in two years and a couple of weeks. But for President Bush to take decisive, far-reaching action on all ten points (or no action in the case of Iran) would work wonders to turning down the volume of the Iraq Fiasco in the decades to come.

Granted, few who are alive today will ever forget what Bush did to Iraq, but historians would be less inclined to make the Iraq Fiasco the centrepiece of their coming tomes if they had volumes of more successful, more positive Bush-backed, and Bush-initiated, Big Changes.

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