Friday, April 20, 2007

Bush : Beware Of Abnormal Behaviour

President Bush, talking about the spree killing slaughter at Virginia Tech warned that people should be on the lookout for behaviour that would be regarded as not normal :

President Bush said on Thursday that mass shootings are a reminder that people must be willing to raise a red flag about others' disturbing behavior.

"One of the lessons of these tragedies is to make sure that when people see somebody or know somebody who is exhibiting abnormal behavior, you do something about it, to suggest that somebody take a look," the president said during an appearance at a high school...

He said he didn't want to draw conclusions from the Virginia case because "they're still digging out the facts." But he suggested that concerns about privacy violations, while understandable, may be preventing people from taking needed action.

"If you are a parent and your child is, you know, doing strange things on the Internet, pay attention to it and not be afraid to ask for help and not be afraid to say 'I am concerned about what I am seeing," Bush said.

"I think it's very important for us not to comment until it's all said and done, but that other cases there have been warning signals - that if an adult for example had taken the signals seriously, perhaps tragedy could have been avoided."

Keep the laws that allow a mentally disturbed young man to buy enough guns and ammo to near effortlessly waste more than 30 students, but watch out for weird behaviour on the internet!