Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sparrow Sums Up The Public Mood

Confirmed : Bush Wears An Ear Piece During Press Conferences

President Bush was in the middle of expressing his undying admiration and support for his embattled attorney general, Alberto Gonzales, when a passing sparrow took a well-aimed crap on Bush's left arm. The white drippy mess was only inches away from landing on his face.

One of the Bush media manipulators claimed : "It was his lucky day...everyone knows that's a sign of good luck."

Ahhh, in the Bush reality world, perhaps. Since when was getting shat on by anything a sign of "good luck"? That definitely takes the award for the Best Moment Of Spin in the Bush presidency, so far.

Here's the vid :

He tried to brush it quickly away. But nothing gets missed in this world of YouTube and the three second video clip blitz. Millions are hitting blogs and news posts all over the world to comment on the world's most popular sparrow. The wits are out in force.

Here's a sampling of the hundred-plus comments at America's ABC News website :
Totally hilarious... even the birds in the sky know what this president is made of. Thank you little sparrow!

Oh, if only elephants could fly.

In the words of Jackie Gleason "How sweet it is".

I want you all to take heart: The bird responsible has been identified and sent to Guantanamo.

I just wish he was looking up and yawning at that moment...

That bird deserves the medal of Freedom!!!

Sparrow Makes Subtle, Astute Political Statement

I guess they'll have to set up a "bird-free zone" in future to protect the president from signs and portents in such form.

Of course bird droppings are good luck. So is choking on a pretzel, falling off a bike(and segueway), dropping a puppy, making a baby cry, being pecked by a turkey, amd having your best bud shoot someone in the face. Everyone knows all that stuff is good luck!

The bird's managed to do what most of us wish we could do...

Watching the video again, Bush's non-reaction to getting pooped on, and then his quick moves to clear it off, confirm to me the very old rumour that President Bush wears an ear-piece for some valuable 'on air' help and coaching during press conferences is in fact not rumour, but truth.

Bush doesn't notice the mess on his arm at all. He is clearly focused on the long, detailed question he is being asked. Then Bush looks down, concentrating, like he is listening to somebody telling him something important, then he quickly wipes away at his arm, without looking first to see what's there. Then a few seconds later, without checking to see if he got it all, Bush wipes again, like someone told him he's missed a little bit.

I don't think anyone would be surprised if Bush did wear an ear piece so he could get fed facts and figures and smooth answers during the ultra-pressure of live press conferences.

After all, if you were President and you thought you could get away it, wouldn't you do the same thing?

So who's on the other end of the communication line feeding directly into Bush's brain?

Dick Cheney?

Karl Rove?