Friday, May 04, 2007

Time Magazine : Bush Deemed To Be Less Influential Than Comedians And A Terror Suspect

Beaten By Borat, Osama Bin Laden And Rosie O'Donnell

President Bush was once Time Magazine's Person Of The Year, now he doesn't even rate a mention in the magazine's poll of the Top 100 People Who Shape Our World.

In the public vote poll, he barely scrapped into the Top 100, popping up at number 97. Number One in the peoples' poll result is Korean band 'Let It Rain!' Hmmm, guess who got their poll totally stacked?

Dropping Bush from the Top 100 People Who Shape Our World list is clearly a publicity angle for Time Magazine. Bush may be about as popular as punching yourself in the nuts, but to say that he doesn't rate as a person who shapes the world as we know it is beyond ridiculous.

He may be shaping our world for the worst right now, or so it would appear to billions of people, but he's still shaping it to a degree that will have far more deeper repurcussions for the future than most of the people who made the list.

The 'terror suspect' named in the Top 100 is Mahar Arar, from Canada. If you don't know who he is, here's his story :
Canada's Mahar Arar, who became a cause celebre after being deported by U.S. authorities as a possible terrorist to Syria where he was imprisoned and tortured.

Arar, whose deportation was based partly on faulty intelligence supplied by Canada, was later vindicated in an inquiry ordered by Ottawa and awarded C$10.5 million in compensation.

In a statement issued through the Centre for Constitutional Rights, Arar said he was "very honoured" to be on the Time list and expresses gratitude to everyone who supported him "throughout this struggle for justice."
Not surprisingly, some of the droogs on Fox News didn't take it at all well that President Bush was excluded from the Top 100, but Rosie O'Donnell was included :

Apparently the 73% of Americans who disapprove of Bush's performance are not rational, disgusted, disillusioned adults, they are irrational emotional, petulant children. John Gibson made numerous references to Bush-hating on The Big Story today 5/2/07 and placed much of the blame on Rosie O'Donnell.

O'Donnell was named to TIME Magazine's "Top 100 Most influential people" list, and Gibson is taking it badly. Calling her his "favorite loudmouth," Gibson insinuated that her influence is what prompted Rage Against the Machine to say that the Bush administration should be "hung, tried, and shot." There was no evidence given that there is any connection between the two, but Gibson tried to tie them into a new "left-wing" trend.

As this story points out, raging against the majority view of America is the desperate act of a depressed minority, out of touch with the mainstream. This minority now being most of the blow-waved heads on Fox News.

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