Friday, June 08, 2007

Bush Back On The Sauce

Comes Down With "Stomach Complaint", Misses G8 Meetings

Why does the mainstream media continue to play along with the charade that President Bush does not hook into the booze? Clearly he does indulge, and with gusto, if some of the swaying, rambling, incoherent press conferences he's given recently are any indication.

A photographed surfaced yesterday during the G8 meetings in Germany, and it showed Bush slugging back a beer. Only hours later, Bush was too ill to join other world leaders for meetings. He did, however, meet with the new French President in his rooms.

Bush drinks beer. Bush is too sick to even walk out of his room. Do we even need someone to draw the connection here?

The spin control from the White House, and most of the mainstream media, went into action :

President Bush is "unwell".

White House staff say they're not sure whether it's something he ate or a stomach virus.

As to suspicions that the was doing a "Boris Yeltsin" - US officials insist that was a non alcoholic beer he was seen drinking last night.

Anyway a planned meeting with France's Nicolas Sarkozy had to take place in the American president's private rooms. One can only guess that he wanted to be close to the bathroom.

Alarm bells rang when President Bush failed to turn up to a photo opportunity with Sarkozy and then failed to materialise at the G8 roundtable to discuss aid to Africa.

Non-alcoholic beer, eh? Yeah, okay. It is not remarkable to learn that Bush is drinking again, if he ever actually stopped.

What is remarkable is how many mainstream media outlets faithfully reported the White House spin as the real story.

The above image does not show someone enjoying a "near beer", as the Americans call it.

The above image shows an old booze hound getting his fix. Bush was clearly halfway hammered at a roundtable with Germany's Angela Merkel after this drinking session. Then he was "too unwell" to be seen attempting to walk to other meetings.

Why the big fantasy that Bush is still on the wagon? He wouldn't be the first key world leader in the midst of a war to be punching dragons. In fact, being an alcoholic seems to be all but compulsory for the leaders of war-making nations. The leaders of Australia, England, the US during World War I and II were all heavy drinkers, and reportedly made some of their most important, and historical, decisions pretty well maggoted.

Why should Bush be any different?