Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fox News Analyst : President Bush Has Been Kidnapped By "Space Aliens"

Replaced By "Tool"

Bush discovers he has powerful backers, during early campaigning in 1999.

Raw Story has an interesting interview chunk that examples yet more ways in which the die-hard Bush support base is dramatically peeling away.

Live on Fox News previously committed Bushians are now starting to rant like mad people.

Witness conservative Fox political analyst, Tammy Bruce, shredding the president over his missile shield-related confrontation with Russia's Vladimir Putin and, of course, changes to immigration law and policy :
Bruce (described) the situation as "another glaring example of the growing incompetency of the Bush administration and his foreign policy..."

Bruce began by defending Putin and asked how we in the US would feel if Russian missiles were sited in Cuba or Honduras. She pointed out that the US missiles in the Czech Republic and Poland are supposedly intended to guard against the threat of potential Iranian long-range missiles, even though those missiles don't yet exist and we've said we're not going to allow Iran to develop them.

She then blew up about immigration and Iraq as well, saying, "I'm waiting to find the space aliens that kidnapped the president that I grew to admire after September 11 and left this tool behind. ... I'm furious."

..."every maniac in the world has felt empowered during the last five years. That is the president's issue ... because Bush has been so ineffective."

The truly bizarre thing about Bruce's outburst was that she was debating with a Democrat at the time of her outburst. And the Democrat was backing the president!


The video of Tammy Bruce going off can be found here.