Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kristol : Bush Ain't So Bad

NeoCons Are "Breathlessly Idiotic" And More

Chief NeoCon operative, and 'journalist', William "The Bloody" Kristol wants Bush Co. to bomb the living hell out of Iran as one of president's final duties to the NeoCon cabal that got him elected and helped to keep in power through two terms.

As part of the price he must pay to get Bush to complete the current NeoCon agenda, Kristol is required to pay homage to the president, and get the idea out there that Bush really ain't so bad, and history will be much kinder to him than the vast majority of the world's media and more than 70% of Americans, who currently believe the president is a danger to the nation and more incompetent than Homer Simpson hepped up on goofballs.

Kristol wrote a semi-coherent editorial praising Bush, and claiming the War On Iraq is just about to get a whole lot better, but if he published it in NeoCon propaganda bible, The Weekly Standard, only a few thousand people would have read it.

Time Magazine, for whom Kristol miraculously managed to score an editorial gig, despite being wrong on virtually every prediction he's ever made about the War On Iraq and the War On Terror over the past five years, knew a blind, crippled dog of an editorial when they saw it.

Kristol couldn't get his 'Let's Praise Bush Before It's Too Late' piece up on Time, but the Washington Post, naturally, came to his rescue :

I suppose I'll merely expose myself to harmless ridicule if I make the following assertion: George W. Bush's presidency will probably be a successful one.

Let's look at the broad forest rather than the often unlovely trees. What do we see? First, no second terrorist attack on U.S. soil -- not something we could have taken for granted. Second, a strong economy -- also something that wasn't inevitable.

And third, and most important, a war in Iraq that has been very difficult, but where -- despite some confusion engendered by an almost meaningless "benchmark" report last week -- we now seem to be on course to a successful outcome.

Interesting that Kristol counts what he believes to be a turn for the better in Iraq to be far more important than a healthy US economy and the fact that no successful terror attacks have occurred in the homeland since 9/11.

You can read Kristol's turd-polishing on Bush's economic genius and anti-terror fight for yourself, and attempt to comprehend why Kristol sees the stacking of the Supreme Court with conservative judges to be a cornerstone of the Bush double presidency for yourself.

Let's move onto Iraq :

Bush is a war president, and war presidents are judged by whether they win or lose their war. So to be a successful president, Bush has to win in Iraq.

Which I now think we can. Indeed, I think we will. In late 2006, I didn't think we would win, as Bush stuck with the failed Rumsfeld-Abizaid-Casey strategy of "standing down" as the Iraqis were able to "stand up," based on the mistaken theory that if we had a "small footprint" in Iraq, we'd be more successful. With the new counterinsurgency strategy announced on Jan. 10, backed up by the troop "surge," I think the odds are finally better than 50-50 that we will prevail. We are routing al-Qaeda in Iraq, we are beginning to curb the Iranian-backed sectarian Shiite militias and we are increasingly able to protect more of the Iraqi population.

Al Qaeda didn't not exist as a competent fighting force in Iraq until the country was already deep into a resistance against the coalition's occupying forces and riven with sectarian civil war. Even now, it is widely acknowledged by the CIA and the world's major intelligence agencies that Al Qaeda the smallest of the key agents of terrorism in Iraq, and may only claim a few hundred people, at most, as part of its fighting forces, and most of them are now believed to be from Saudi Arabia, a chief American ally.

As for protecting the Iraqi population - more than 100 Iraqis a day are killing fighting, terror attacks, executions and massacres, with hundreds more wounded.

Back to Kristol :

If we sustain the surge for a year and continue to train Iraqi troops effectively, we can probably begin to draw down in mid- to late 2008. The fact is that military progress on the ground in Iraq in the past few months has been greater than even surge proponents like me expected, and political progress is beginning to follow. Iran is a problem, and we will have to do more to curb Tehran's meddling -- but we can. So if we keep our nerve here at home, we have a good shot at achieving a real, though messy, victory in Iraq.

American forces will begin drawing down in mid-2008 because the US Army missed its recruiting targets for most of 2005 and 2006 and will run out of troops to deploy in the next nine months, even with some soldiers going back for fourth and fifth tours.

Back to "The Bloody" :

But can Bush maintain adequate support at home? Yes. It would help if the administration would make its case more effectively and less apologetically. It would help if Bush had more aides who believed in his policy, who understood that the war is winnable and who didn't desperately want to get back in (or stay in) the good graces of the foreign policy establishment.

But Bush has the good fortune of having finally found his Ulysses S. Grant, or his Creighton Abrams, in Gen. David H. Petraeus. If the president stands with Petraeus and progress continues on the ground, Bush will be able to prevent a sellout in Washington. And then he could leave office with the nation on course to a successful (though painful and difficult) outcome in Iraq. With that, the rest of the Middle East, where so much hangs in the balance, could start to tip in the direction of our friends and away from the jihadists, the mullahs and the dictators.

Following through to secure the victory in Iraq and to extend its benefits to neighboring countries will be the task of the next president. And that brings us to Bush's final test.

The truly successful American presidents tend to find vindication in, and guarantee an extension of their policies through, the election of a successor from their own party. Can Bush hand the presidency off to a Republican who will (broadly) continue along the path of his post-9/11 foreign policy...?


Right. So the whole point of the piece was to pump the Republican chances of keeping control of the White House in 2008. That's optimism!

The Kristol formula for ultimate success for Bush is a simple one :
If Petraeus succeeds in Iraq, and a Republican wins in 2008, Bush will be viewed as a successful president.

I like the odds.

You're an idiot of mammothic proportions.

At the end of the Kristol's mind-boggling drivel, the Washington Post invited readers to comment.

As of this posting, more than 2500 readers had lodged their disgust, horror and shock at Kristol's mind-boggling attempt to spit-polish the president' appalling presidential record.

2500 comments is the largest amount of comments we've ever seen attached to any news story or editorial in the Western world media. This is probably not record-breaking, but it's definitely the most widely commented-on pro-Bush piece we've yet seen.

If you want to get an insight into the mind of Americans who read their news online, dip into the calvacade of comments here.

It's surprising just how few positive comments Kristol has attracted, considering part of the NeoCon propaganda campaign for all things Iraq, and Iran, is to get the message out to friends and allies to flood comment pages and message boards with 'On Message' comments.

The pure outrage and disgust that so many express at Kristol's turd-polishing antics is breath-taking, and disturbing. America is angry, and isn't holding back anymore.

Credit to the Washington Post that it allows so many commenters to claim that it is a mouthpiece for the CIA and/or the NeoCons, and that Kristol is a propagandist of the old-school Nazi kind.

No doubt even Kristol is shocked today by the outrage and pure hatred he has stirred up by simply trying to point out what he claims are the positive points of the Bush presidency, and why Bush may not go down in history as America's Worst President, or one of modern history's greatest monster.

Commenter at the Post, Kelletim, wins the award for the most outrageous, but partially truthful, comment we've ever seen posted on any major news site. Ever :
Neocons are all imbecilic, aging, wheezing syphilitic pathological creeps, dirty old men that smoke Cuban cigars and go on child sex slave vacations in third world nations while on oxycontin between snorting viagra and having secret affairs with gay sex workers.

When they're not spouting homophobic bullshit or writing breathlessly idiotic, fact free columns in major newspapers, clinking crystal tumblers brimming with $38,000 a bottle bourbon with the Skull and Bones / AEI classmates at grand elite socials, getting drunk and shooting people in the face, brazenly granting trillion dollar contracts to their former companies, raping teenaged boys in Texas Prisons, chronically sexually harrassing their female employees, they're out doing what they do best: ravaging the life savings of thousands of people and committing genocide.

All this while being ardently fawned over by the liberal media.

These revolting sub-human colostomatic shitbags of filth and perversion should all be in GITMO right now receiving sex changes from Cuban doctors, only to spend the rest of their lives as a drag show touring East African nations.
Now that's a comment. Kelletim's comment appears on page 241 of the Washington Post comments that follow Kristol's editorial. As he type this, the pages just expanded to 248 and counting.

Anything that Kristol wrote in 'Why Bush Will Be A Winner' that might have actually hit home with his critics has been thoroughly drowned in the hurricane of comments, many of which are more coherent, more precise and far more informative and interesting than anything Kristol was paid thousands of dollars to write.