Wednesday, August 29, 2007

11 Key Bushites Have Quit Since March

McClatchy's has compiled a list of 11 key players in the Bush administration who have quit since March this year. We haven't done a full search of each and every US presidency, yet, but this would appear to be absolutely unpredented - to lose so many key staff, from such high positions within the administration, within such a short space of time :

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales - Resigned Monday, effective Sept. 17.

Kyle Sampson, Gonzales' chief of staff - Resigned in March.

Monica Goodling, Gonzales' counselor - Resigned in April.

Michael Battle, head of the Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys - Resigned in March.

Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty - Resigned in May, effective late this summer.

Michael Elston, McNulty's chief of staff - Resigned June 15.

Tim Griffin, interim U.S. attorney for Arkansas - Resigned effective June 1.

Bradley Schlozman, former acting civil rights chief and U.S. attorney for Kansas City - Resigned from a Justice Department post in mid-August.

Wan Kim, chief, Civil Rights Division - Resigned Aug. 24

Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove, White House's top political adviser - Resigned effective at the end of this week.

Sara Taylor, political director -- Resigned in May.

And not forgetting Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who quit last year, on the eve of the mid-term elections.