Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rove's Departure Signals 'The End Of The Bush Presidency'

Raw Story takes a look at a CNN interview with Wayne Slater, author of The Architect: Karl Rove and the Master Plan for Absolute Power, and declares Slater's comments were not only a political obituary for Rove, but for the Bush administration as well.

Slater doesn't hold back :

"He can be called ... someone who was extraordinarily successful in the politics of -- politics," said Slater. "He is brilliant as a political strategist, and yet at the end, we've seen this colossal failure by the Bush administration, this collapse, and he has to bear some responsibility for that as well."

"In the aftermath of 9/11," continued Slater, "Karl saw that the approach that would be most successful would be a very sharp and ruthless division of the electorate ... that effectively left the architecture of the architect's dream of an enduring majority really in doubt and, as we've seen, pretty much collapsing around him."

"This is the end of the Bush presidency," Slater concluded. "Absolutely."

Raw Story has the video of the Slater interview.

The consensus is growing that Rove's departure really is the end of the Bush presidency, and that Bush himself is now counting down the days until he can flee the White House and kick back at his Crawford ranch, hanging out with his old buddy Rove in far less pressured circumstances as they plan how to spend more than a half billion dollars on the Bush Presidential Library.

Keith Olbermann, of Countdown, interviewed Howard Fineman of Newsweek, who claims Rove was hated by many Republicans, hence the near drought of glowing tributes from the conservative side of American politics :
The silence has been deafening from Republicans. From Republican presidential contenders, from members of Congress who by the way, are out of town, another good reason for Rove to leave now. I haven’t heard a word from any Republican leader about Karl Rove because they don’t like Karl Rove. And the reason they don’ t like Karl Rove is that his soul focus has been on George Bush. This notion that Karl Rove’s aim was to build a new Republican majority, ala McKinley, is ridiculous. His only mission was to get George Bush elected. He did it twice, and didn’t really care a whole lot about the Congress, Republicans included.”

Crooks And Liars has the video of that remarkable interview.