Friday, September 07, 2007

Was Bush Drunk During Error-Plagued Speech In Sydney?

Thanks "Austrian" Troops, Gets Lost Trying To Leave The Stage

President Bush gave a speech today at the APEC summit in Sydney, riddled with implausible errors and mispronounciations. He appeared slightly unsteady on his feet, and had trouble finding his way off the stage.

Bush referred to the APEC summit as "OPEC".

He thanked "Austrian" troops for fighting in Iraq, instead of "Australian troops" and called his close friend Australian prime minister John Howard the "Austrian" prime minister.

All the more remarkable because Bush was in Sydney, Australia when he gave the speech, and has been in Sydney, Australia since Tuesday night.

Naturally, the audience laughed.

During the speech, Bush clearly slurred a number of other words.

He had the most trouble of all getting out the name of terror group Jemaah Islamiah, and quickly switched the abbreviation, JI.

No trouble there.

While he was trying to find his way off stage, before being helped by John Howard...

...a veteran White House correspondent seized the opportunity to ask Mr Bush whether there had been any new message in his speech. Apparently misunderstanding the question, he bristled and asked, "Haven't you been listening to my past speeches?" before turning away.

White House staffers offered an explanation for Bush's string of gaffs - he was just joking.

Sure he was.

Dazed Bush Forgets Where He Is - Thanks "Austrian" Troops For Fighting In Iraq - Video