Monday, October 08, 2007

Bush The Crusader...For False Justice

President Bush may have delivered up the War On Iraq that she wanted, and is turning the sod for the War On Iran that she dreams about, but Michelle Malkin is a hard woman for George W. Bush to please.

For getting himself involved in Texican executions controversies, Malkin today labels Bush :

Crusader For Mexican Death Row Murderers And International Law Meddlers

Malkin and her extremist blog clan still hasn't forgiven the president for trying to get legalize more than 12 million currently illegal Mexican immigrants.

Malkin doesn't mind illegal immigrants serving and dying in the War On Iraq she so vehemently championed in 2002, in the face of dire warnings of blowback and insurgency from the cream of the world's intelligence services and military experts, but she sure doesn't want any of them to be allowed to become Americans.

Or to be given the full spread of American justice.