Monday, October 01, 2007

Jenna Bush : Stop Picking On My Dad

Daughter of President Bush, Jenna, has spoken out against those who criticize her father and claims the person we see on TV, making speeches, giving interviews, is not the same person she knows as her father.

So why does President Bush have two distinct personalities, as Jenna Bush seems to be saying in this interview?

One of the twin daughters of President George W Bush has spoken of the heartbreak she feels about the Iraq war and the criticism of her father. “He is a totally different person to me than what they portray him as,” said Jenna Bush. “I mean, he’s my dad.”

Jenna, 25, who is known as the “blonde one” of the Bush twins, has found her sober side. Asked about Unicef’s report that 4m Iraqis had fled their homes since the invasion of Iraq, she said: “Nobody wants war. I definitely, and my father doesn’t want war. But it’s a horribly complicated situation.”

“I can say it’s devastating . . . I think everybody can agree on that . . . Obviously, all of this breaks my heart.”

Among the experiences that affected her deeply was visiting wounded veterans of the war with her father. “I’ve gone with him to Walter Reed hospital and I’ve seen his face after he’s left the hospital. He would have to be inhuman not to feel it. I mean, of course things weigh on him. Of course they do.”
Maybe Jenna can ask her dad to stop laughing, and smirking, when he discusses the endless slaughter of Iraqi civilians and American soldiers in Iraq. That would be a start.