Friday, November 09, 2007

Bush : If Israel Gets Nuked, World War 3 Begins

President Bush has refused to back off his previous comments about how nations that want to avoid World War 3 should help ramp up the pressure on Iran to end its nuclear energy program.

In fact, he's now ramping up the rhetoric and clearly threatening World War 3 :
U.S. President George W. Bush defended in a television interview on Wednesday his recent comments suggesting Iran's nuclear ambitions might trigger World War Three and insisted he wanted a diplomatic solution.

Bush told a news conference last month that preventing Iran from building nuclear weapons would be a means of avoiding a new global conflict.

"The reason I said that is because this is a country that has defied the IAEA -- in other words, didn't disclose all their program -- have said they want to destroy Israel," Bush said in the interview with German broadcaster RTL.

"If you want to see World War Three, you know, a way to do that is to attack Israel with a nuclear weapon," Bush added. "And so I said, now is the time to move. It wasn't a prediction, nor a desire."

The only country in the Middle East who currently has nuclear weapons and refused to detail its program and stockpile is Israel.