Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bush On Hardcore Alcoholism

President Bush doesn't often speak about his days as an alcoholic. He'll make the occasional reference, or joke, but it's a rare day when Bush speaks at length about the dark days when he couldn't he couldn't live without the booze :

US President George W. Bush says religion helped him overcome alcoholism and he hasn't had a drink since he quit more than 21 years ago.

In a rare reference to having once been an alcoholic, Mr Bush told a Protestant church-sponsored organisation which helps prisoners reintegrate into society that a "higher power'' helped him beat alcohol.

"Addiction is hard to overcome,'' Mr Bush said in Baltimore, Maryland.

"As you might remember, I drank too much at one time in my life. I understand faith-based programs. I understand that sometimes you can find the inspiration from a higher power to solve an addiction problem,'' he said.

(Bush)...quit cold after a bout of heavy drinking on his 40th birthday.

"I had too much to drink one night, and the next day I didn't have any,'' he said.

"I haven't had a drink since 1986.

"I doubt I'd be standing here if I hadn't quit drinking whiskey, and beer and wine and all that,'' the President said.

Packing away whiskey, beer and wine makes Bush sound like the alcoholic that would throw down whatever was within reach.