Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fox Cheerleaded Bush? No Way, Says O'Reilly

Fox News shouter Bill O'Reilly tries to rewrite the history of how the network routinely went out of its way to vilify those who publicly criticized the Bush administration, and demanded they be held to account, for 9/11, for the War On Iraq, for the failure to catch Osama Bin Laden....
O'Reilly : I have to say that when President Bush was in trouble in Iraq, this network and this program, and your program as well, routinely, routinely hammered President Bush. On Iraq.

Hume: Well, we certainly -- we, we were very faithful about covering all the bad news that came out of Iraq for a very long period of time. The criticisms that were made of him were reported and discussed at length on Fox News. Um, now, he had his defenders, the war had its defenders, there was commentary on Fox --

O'Reilly: But there was no cheerleading -- There was no cheerleading of President Bush on this network when his administration ran into trouble. There was no cheerleading, you know -- it was skeptical coverage, Iraq's going south, when the economy started to wobble last September, we were right on that.

Here's Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch admitting he used his network, and worldwide media empire, to help the Bush administration try and shape public opinion all through the War On Iraq :

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