Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Bush-Albanian Watch Mystery

First It's There And Then It's Gone...

When President Bush visited Albania over the weekend, he was granted a "hero's welcome".

In some of the most remarkable presidential mobbing scenes you will ever see, Bush was patted, kissed, hugged, grabbed, groped and had his watch stolen by some fast-working hands.

And you can see the fast theft of his watch for yourself in this stunning video from an Albanian news channel.

Here's the freeze frame proof :

Bush with watch on left hand

Seconds later, no watch

From Raw Story :
Although President Bush was met by chilly welcomes and even riots in most countries on his recent trip to Europe, he received a "hero's welcome" in the small Balkan nation of Albania, which for many decades was ruled by an oppressive Stalinist dictatorship.

However, as reported by the Times Online, one of those friendly Albanians may have been more interested in reaching out to touch the president's watch than to welcome Bush.

According to the Times, "A White House spokeswoman denied today that that the President had been robbed. ... Instead the spokeswoman said that Mr Bush had removed it himself. 'He took it off,' she said. When challenged that this did not seem to happen during the footage shown on YouTube, the spokeswoman said: 'I'm not going to change what I'm saying.'"

Crapola. The video clearly shows Bush got fleeced.

Someone got one hell of a souvenir from the presidential visit.