Saturday, June 16, 2007

Bush Secretly Deployed To Iraq In Major Combat Role...Apparently

But seriously, could there be few things more offensive to the military families of America than this appalling piece of utter nonsense?

From Think Progress :

In today’s White House press briefing, reporter Helen Thomas asked Tony Snow if there are “any members of the Bush family or this administration in this war.” Stunningly, Snow claimed that President Bush is actually on the “frontlines” of the war in Iraq:

Q: Are there any members of the Bush family or this administration in this war?

SNOW: Yeah, the President. The President is in the war every day.

Q: Come on, that isn’t my question –

SNOW: Well, no, if you ask any president who is a commander in chief –

Q: On the frontlines, where ever…

SNOW: The President.

The fact is that not one single member of the Bush and Cheney families are serving in Iraq, and there are but a few members of Congress, or the Washington elite, who have sons or daughters deployed into the war zones.

If they did, the Iraq War would most likely be over already, or drawing more swiftly to a close. That so many people involved with the continuation of the Iraq War have so little familial contact with the death and dismemberment that has resulted is one of the key reasons why members of Congress, and the White House, are able to speak with such distance from the reality on the ground.

President Bush is on the front lines of the Iraq War?

Yes. If the front line is thousands of miles away in Washington, behind one of the heaviest and deepest layers of security in the world.

Even the incredibly egotistical Winston Churchill would never have allowed a member of his staff to claim that he was "on the front lines" of any conflict of World War 2.

It is a sad fact that, since Snow is yet to retract his ridiculous comment, and no other member of the White House has spoken up to say that Snow was wrong, it must be accepted that Bush Co. actually believe what Snow said to be truth.